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HAVE YOUR SAY: Online survey of exercise classes

November 22, 2016

EMDP (Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership) the National Governing Body for group exercise in the UK has launched its annual mass survey in to group exercise. The overall aim of the survey is to encourage more people to participate in group exercise classes in the UK, and in line with Sport England’s new strategy – encourage physical activity as a whole, not just competitive sports.
Aimed at UK class participants, the survey seeks to gather information about satisfaction levels, motivations and participation levels of those who already take part in group exercise classes, including dance-fitness.  Ultimately, gaining insight in to barriers to entry and reasons for inactivity will help EMDP work with partners to address such issues, in particular “drop-out” within the teenage girl target market.
The survey is conducted by EMDP’s Insight team in conjunction with YouGov.  The team works very closely with various significant bodies associated with group exercise such as Sport England, FitGroupUK, Ukactive and member organisations such as Clubbercise and British Military Fitness to give everyone involved the chance to express their opinion, and contribute to the growing popularity of group exercise classes.

Insight from EMDP’s 2016 National Group Exercise survey revealed that 3.86 million individuals in England participate in Group Exercise at least once a week and 34% (1.3 million) of these didn’t do any other physical activity before they started attending classes.

Ross Perriam EMDP CEO says,
“During the past year we’ve seen interest in exercise classes soar, with thanks to new brands like Clubbercise and industry stalwarts like Les Mills. The growing 50+ market continues to be attracted to the quality teaching of Medau, the Fitness League and the Keep Fit Association.  These brands and instructors work hard to make exercise classes more accessible to everyone in the UK.”

“The results of the survey will help us identify major trends and highlight any issues; we’ll be able to use this insight to help and support the rapidly growing number of fitness brands, including technology, in the sector. We all share the same vision – to make the UK more active.”

The survey can be accessed at g4-emea.yougov.com and will be live until mid December 2016. There in an incentive of £150 gift vouchers for entering the study.

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