20 July 2019

Football: Dads urged to celebrate father’s day with a kickabout

June 19, 2016

Despite the female game growing in popularity – and England coming third in the Women’s World Cup last year – Britain’s dads are more likely to be spending time with their daughters indoors playing computer games than outdoors kicking a football around.


The findings come as a result of a OnePoll survey, commissioned by the energy giant and sponsor of The SSE Women’s FA Cup for its Dads and Daughters campaign, which aims to encourage more young girls to start playing the beautiful game.

Former England lioness Kelly Smith joined SSE to encourage more dads to have a kickabout with their daughters this weekend.

She said: “My dad played a pivotal role in supporting and encouraging me throughout my footballing career. From the fun hobby at the start to driving me to games and cheering me on the world stage.”

Dads are clearly conscious of the disparity that exists between girls and boys in football, with nearly a third of fathers in the UK saying they feel there is still a stigma around girls pursuing certain sports or hobbies.

In fact, many dads have suggested that their daughters are eight times more likely to pick a career in dance, theatre or hairdressing over football, while only one per cent of fathers think their daughters would pick a career as a footballer, if given the choice.


This may explain why 20 per cent of fathers actively encourage their sons to take an interest in football, whereas that figure drops to just seven per cent for girls.

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