23 April 2019

Breast cancer survivors take on Hever Castle Triathlon

April 27, 2016

Team Phoenix is a dedicated group of sports professionals, doctors, volunteers and breast cancer survivors all with a common aim – to either help a participant or be a participant in a sprint distance triathlon.


Like the sport of triathlon, the mission of Team Phoenix is threefold. The mind, body and soul are all seriously affected by the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. At Team Phoenix, they aim to regenerate this inner trinity and fly again – the mission this year is Hever Castle Triathlon, (24/25 September) Kent.

How Team Phoenix helps:

MIND – Many breast cancer survivors are mentally impacted by the disease. They often do not seek any therapy or support at all even though studies have shown depression of survivors can be 70% higher than cancer free peers. Team Phoenix allows women to share, bond and heal the mind without explicitly seeking help and advice. In addition to training together, the women are invited to join social events to increase contact with their fellow survivors.

BODY– Pages and pages have been written about the positive correlation between exercise and both quality of life and cancer remission. At Team Phoenix, women have the support of trained coaches and trainers. 14 week programmes are tailor made for any ability. Participants will start on an exercise regime which will increase their physical fitness and bring back bodily strength post treatment.

SOUL – It is impossible to cross a finish line of a triathlon without feeling a deep sense of fulfilment and joy. It is this self-actualization that will provide a meaningful renewal in each and every participant’s soul. Tears will be shed.


Hever Castle is to be our very first Team Phoenix triathlon in the UK and were thrilled to receive their support,” says Sarah Appleby, Founder of Team Phoenix. “We wanted our athletes to feel amazing from beginning to end and what better than the start line at Hever? You just can’t beat launching off a piece of history like Henry VIII’s Loggia. Having done the race myself, I can say first hand that the setting is perfection. The race is also impeccably organized and allows our Team Phoenix fans to enjoy the grounds whilst they cheer on the athletes.”

Team Phoenix provides all equipment, training, entry fees, support and mixers to any participant wanting to take part. Team Phoenix takes applications from all ages, shapes and sizes and would love to help you or someone you care about find her wings. For more information, feel free to contact Team Phoenix on 07794600758. Or check out the website at http://www.teamphoenixfoundation.co.uk

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*Team Phoenix originally started in Wisconsin, USA, by Dr. Judy Tjoe. Please see the following articles for more information:

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