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Football: Nottingham City of Football’s new Veterans League

April 4, 2016

Women across Nottinghamshire have signed up to Nottingham City of Football’s brand new Women’s Veterans League to help older female players carry on playing the game.


Taking place every other Tuesday night, the league is one of the first in the UK.

Denise Richards (pictured above) from Kimberley is one of the many women who have signed up. She said it’s the perfect opportunity to help keep her playing football for years to come.

“A Women’s Veterans League is exactly what Notts needed because it gives returning players like myself and new players the chance to continue to get involved and play the game with ladies of a similar age.

Over the last few years I’ve been playing with women that are in their early twenties and it’s often difficult to keep up when you’re playing with women that are so much younger and full of energy.

The Women’s Veterans League offers the perfect fitness and intensity level for me, which means I can enjoy playing football again.”


Nottingham City of Football are using the success of the women’s game to help get more girls in Nottingham to participate in football.

Katie Gibson, Programme and Partner Coordinator at Nottingham City of Football said:

“It’s great that we’ve been able to bring all these women together and get them back into the game. This is what the City of Football is all about.”

The Women’s Veterans League will take place every other Tuesday at the Forest Sports Zone and is for women 35+ of all abilities who may have played before and are returning to the game, or just want to give football a try for the first time.

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