23 April 2019

Women’s Sports Network Announces Launch of WSN-TV

May 8, 2014
The Women’s Sports Network (WSNet) has announced the launch of WSN-TV, an online television guide and promotional livestream programme. WSN-TV forms part of the Network’s new media suite dedicated to women’s sport.
WSN-TV is intended to serve as a one-stop hub for all television and online coverage of women’s sport. The guide offers listings of a variety of women’s sport broadcasts, from live matches to documentary specials, and includes a mix of national and international scheduled television channels, on-demand programming, and internet-based livestreaming links.
WSN-TV feeds into the newly-redesigned WSNet website, which allows women’s sport supporters to come together around news and interactive social media. Teams and organisations wishing to promote the live coverage of their events are encouraged to get in touch with WSNet.
Follow @WSNTVi on Twitter for scheduling alerts and live updates.
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