26 August 2019

Tried and tested: Aqua Sphere swimsuit

July 26, 2013

The heat wave may be dying down slightly, but all this sun has got us fixated on swimming. What better way to cool down after a long day in a sweaty office than to plunge into cool and calming water for a low-impact, full-body work out? It’s ideal.

But if, like us, you want to hit the pool hard and do some serious lengths, your flimsy holiday bikini just isn’t going to cut it. We tried out Aqua Sphere’s gorgeous Anise swimsuit to see if it held it’s own in the pool.

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This high performance Anise swimsuit from Aqua Sphere was recently voted best shapewear swimsuit by The Sun newspaper, and it’s certainly scored highly with us too. Not only is it stunning to look at, but it’s functional too.

Good points

– It looks brilliant. In a head-turning white, this costume is perfect if you’ve caught the sun this summer and will no doubt make you look glowing. It’s not for the faint-hearted though; this isn’t one to wear if you want to shrink into the background.

– Cost effective. At only £29.99 you’re getting great value for money with this swimsuit. It has the look, feel and durability of an expensive item but without breaking the bank!

– It’s supportive. The dual layer on the chest of the swimsuit provides great support and will leave you feeling comfortable and secure. You needn’t worry about wardrobe malfunctions even doing complicated dives.

– It’s extremely comfortable. The seams are soft and the material is stretchy, so you won’t experience any irritating rubbing.

Bad points

– It will get dirty. There are drawbacks to the stunning white design. Whether it’s the grime for your local pool, or residue from open-water swimming, you’ll be shocked at the amount of dirt you bring back with you after your swim.

– It’s a little short. At 5”11’ I’m over average height, so if you’re tall you might want to reassess before you buy as the standard sizing is made for someone with a shorter body – which can be a little uncomfortable.

Verdict: 4/5

Sizes: 32-38

Price: £29.99

More info: www.aquasphereswim.com

Natalie Morris, Sportsister
The Women’s Sport Magazine

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