23 April 2019

Awards: First celebration of Muslim women’s sport to be held at home of football

December 28, 2011

To highlight the contributions of individuals and organisations to minority ethnic sports, the Muslim Women’s Sports Foundation is holding their awards celebration at the home of football Wembley Stadium in April of the new year.

A registered charity established since 2001, the Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation has been leading the way in encouraging, supporting and developing the involvement in physical activity of women from black and minority ethnic communities, particularly focusing on the cultural and religious sensitivities of Muslim women.

FA Equality Manager, Funke Awoderu said: “The FA is delighted to host the MWSF Ambassador Awards at Wembley Stadium next April.  Initiatives such as these Awards will encourage a greater involvement in sport of groups and individuals that are often disadvantaged and isolated.  We are committed to football and sport for all and look forward to welcoming the BME and Muslim community for an evening of celebration and inspiration that will highlight success and high achievement across all areas of the sporting world.”

Ayesha Abdeen, Chief Executive of the MWSF said, “What an exciting project, I’m so proud of everyone involved who will be providing much needed inspiration to younger generations.  We are very honoured to be hosting this event and are sure that Muslim women’s participation in sport will benefit a great deal. Nominees can be involved in any type of physical activity and be of any level.”

The Ambassador Awards will recognise and honour outstanding achievements across 7 categories: UK Sportswoman of the Year, International Sportswoman of the Year, UK Coach of the Year, Community Award, Volunteer of the Year, Outstanding Contribution and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Robyn Rashford, Sportsister
The Magazine for Women’s Sports

Author credit: Allison Cooper


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